Sometimes You Need a Pro


Have you ever shot a video and afterwards you notice that you suck at lighting, your video is blurry, or you have a bad hum in your mic? The whole shot is ruined! Well, I just have to say, I feel your pain. No matter what you do, you’re not going to be able to fix it in post.


Sometimes you need a pro to shoot your video, but they are so ridiculously expensive.

I just found this wonderful resource that won’t break the bank for your next video. I came across a podcast where Bobby Lin, founder of Valoso, talks about his new company. They have a network of professionals in your area, kind of like Uber, that will help with lighting, Videography, Voice-Over Artists, and Video Editors. The price ranges vary from a $35.00 custom intro, to a larger $3,000 project.

This podcast can be found at :