Overwhelmed by the steps needed to complete your on-line training course? I would like you to take that worry and throw it out the window; because I will show you how we can take your ideas and turn them into a product that your users are going to love.

My online course consulting program will get you on track to completing your goals. As a team we can:

  • Discover what your goals are
  • Create your course outlineĀ 
  • Validate your idea
  • Choose which platform to launch from pros and cons
  • Train on any systems you need to learn
  • Explore pre-launch strategies that will create your course momentum
  • Launch your course with confidence


I am excited to bring this program to you because I love talking with people about their passions. So, we will virtualy meet for 45 minutes each week to discuss the progress made from the prior week, we will go over the previous steps as well as the game plan for the future. This program is set up for a month-to-month commitment, so let's get started!

Click here to launch your inner superhero.